Refund Policy

At Brand Buzzar, we are committed to providing top-notch digital marketing services. Please review our refund policy below:

  • Nature of Service: Brand Buzzar offers services rather than physical products. Once services are provided, they are immediately accessible and cannot be returned for a refund.
  • Milestone-based Projects: Our projects are structured around milestones to ensure clarity and progress. Refunds are not applicable for completed milestones.
  • Client’s Control: In the event of a mutual project termination, clients retain control of all completed work up to that point.
  • Client Flexibility: Should a client choose to work with another provider within 24 hours of project initiation, a refund for the project’s initiation fee will be issued.
  • Special Occasions: Services offered during special occasions are non-refundable due to their limited-time nature.
  • Non-Refundable Services: Time & Material-based services or Hire Dedicated Developer services are non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that circumstances may necessitate project cancellations. Here’s how we handle cancellations at Brand Buzzar:

  • Submission Process: All cancellation requests must be submitted to our office via email and require confirmation from our Project Management Office.
  • Processing Time: We strive to process cancellation requests within a minimum of 2 weeks to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Service Level Agreement: Cancellation terms are aligned with the service level agreement established at the project’s inception.
  • Beta Delivery: Projects cannot be canceled once they have reached the beta delivery stage.
  • Mutual Cancellation: If a project is mutually canceled, clients are liable for payment for work completed up to the cancellation date.
  • Non-Delivery of Materials: Source code, designs, or any project-related materials will not be delivered until payment is settled.

Delivery Policy

We aim to deliver our services promptly and securely. Here’s our delivery policy:

  • Electronic Delivery: Deliverables such as design files, software code, and compiled applications are delivered electronically via collaboration tools or email.
  • Client Responsibility: Clients are responsible for saving a copy of all delivered electronic files for their records.
  • Re-Delivery Option: We offer re-delivery of electronic files within 30 days of the initial delivery date. After this period, clients are responsible for maintaining their copies.

At Brand Buzzar, we strive to ensure transparency and fairness in all our policies.