The resilience strategies adopted by the business class and the action taken by the companies to reframe their future is remarkable. This is the challenging and testing time in an unprecedented ways to address the business  and humanitarian aspects. Digital platforms for any business is the ultimate solution to survive and thrive the business class after COVID19.


Digital assets generate huge financial returns from two digits to certain percentage of benefits. It is a good path to earn passive income and ends up to financial independence. Improvising assets is all under control  combined with a solid strategy for appreciating the value of the assets can make it quiet easy to get desired returns in no time. In digital assets  the rent, wages  or other fixed costs does not exist which lowers the  overheads. It opens a window of flexibility in working hours. These are some points that can be taken into consideration for investment in Digital assets.


The team that works in Digital E-business should be ready to work remotely. The team must be organized, motivated, autonomous and creative. All the strategies, steps, policies should be properly documented. Style guide should be created to  share with  clients without any second thought. Communicating tools should be used for the effective working of the team.


First of all Analyze the situation and plan accordingly for the design of the solution. The result should be implemented  after testing the result. The result should be accepted and maintained properly.

A proper plan for continuing your buisness in the market for high rate of success is very important after the crisis like COVID19. Business  continuity plan should follow five effective steps for success achievement:-

  1. Risk assessment
  2. Business Impact Analysis
  3. Development of the plan
  4. Development of the strategy
  5. Testing and Maintenance.

Offline medium is the way where no business is done digitally. Generally they use media channels for creative purpose, to increase the  sales or creating any campaigns. But for some business it is good but not for all. During Lockdown period the necessity arouse for the Digital platform due to physical distancing. Ultimately Digital marketing strategy is convenient to any business for potential consumers.

The new norms of Digital Marketing is nowadays very crucial for the spread and development of the business. For that proper planning is very important. The goals should make a difference and the strategies should strive for the business and contribute with our mission and visions.