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PPC for Lead Generation

Having worked with different Business units, we have now refined the formula to generate potential customers for each company using a funnel-based system.

• PPC Services brings you more high-quality leads
• Convert more clients online with India's top PPC marketing company
• Google AdWords partner PPC agency in India
• Participation in the PPC crusade from the administration on board for more than 10 years
• Important PPC check of accounts on board by PPC specialists
• Most value-conscious reviews with imaginary efforts to promote PPC in India
• PPC is believed to be promoting the organization's efforts in India

Firstly, you just have to give us Google AdWords access. We'll first break down your ongoing mission and then ask for information about your business goals and cycle. This will help complete amazing missions for you.

Types of PPC Services We Offer

• Google PPC
• Facebook PPC
• E-Commerce PPC
• LinkedIn PPC
• Remarketing
• Media Buying Service
• Google Adwords Remarketing

pay per click services in india-Brand Buzzar

Start Up

    Bench marking, action plan and budget proposalPosts, web banners & newslettersWebsite content up
Rs 100 /Month
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Enterprise Plan

  • Business Plan + Return on marketing investment Website inventory management Infographics & UI/UX d
Rs 50000 /Month
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