In difficult economic times like Lockdown in COVID19 situations, the passive income stream is very important. Even an extra income of a few hundred or thousands could go a long way towards paying the debts or increasing investments.

Online sources of income should be flexible, scalable, enjoyable, sustainable and the most importantly Inexpensive.


Always stay connected and listen closely to the details of customer’s experience. Offer the customer  real empathy and communication. Arrange Live Discussion and offer potential response and that too before precise time for some critical and sensitive cases.

One should take care of language and tone of support that is offered during this critical time. Always focus on the quality rather than Mark’s that customers would love to hear.


During the Lockdown time of COVID19,  it’s a great time to see where the new marketing trends will be seen by 2020-2021. Technology  has so advanced that has increased the digital use and automatic interactions between  business and customers.  This has made the Digital marketing of the products more HUMAN. Here are some tactics to be followed for the progress.

  1. Invest in Original research.
  2. Use chatbots to drive lead generations.
  3. Educational videos should be raised high to rise in youtube rankings.
  4. Google Analytics–à Marketing toolkit foundations
  5. Invest your income wisely by Attribution Modeling.
  6. Go full funnel on the content marketing.
  7. Optimize the importance of Mobile and Desktop equally.
  8. Customers should be HERO.
  9. Content intelligence.
  10. Personal aspects of every customer.
  11. Changing behaviours and lifestyle of customers.
  12. Future marketing trends.

The new perspective of the DIGITAL BUSINESS development will synergize the different people, plan, execution for the successive progress. By very active team working well seeking out other people’s ideas to solve problems that can get better results.  This is the finest and the greatest way possible to raise the economic standards of the business in our country.  The economy of the world will get stable but time will be more than expected to cope up the balance of the production and supply rations